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Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Confused by all the conflicting info on dieting?
Want to burn fat & get lean without diets, drugs or surgery?
Do you have any of these issues?

- Excess Body Fat & Cellulite 
- Pooch belly
- Constipation
- Cravings 
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Brain Fog
- Mood Swings 
- Skin issues
- Fatigue

Want to look & feel better than ever?  

You are not only what you eat, but also when you eat and what you digest.  Optimal health and vitality, as well as stress and disease prevention, result from healthy eating habits and the 5 components of healthy living.  Learn exactly which foods work best for your body, lose fat, reduce total body stress and get expert guidance and support to cultivate a healthy & inspiring lifestyle. Discover:

  • The 5 steps to healthy lifestyle 
  • 7 pieces to health & fitness puzzle
  • How to eat intuitively without weighing, measuring or counting calories
  • A new, healthy understanding and relationship with your body
  • How to Set & Achieve Goals
  • How to never ‘fall off the wagon’ or self-sabotage again
  • The difference between Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss
  • The keys to changing your body forever
  • How your hormones affect fat burning, PMS and overall wellness
  • Which foods build healthy hormones and which ones deplete them
  • Learn how to eat so you burn more calories at rest!

Your Customized Nutrition Plan includes:

  • One on One Coaching
  • Individualized Eating Guidelines –a clear plan with action steps for getting results including what, when, how much & how often
  • Food List – exactly which foods are best for you
  • Food Journal – record your meals to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Shopping Guide – the best brands and shopping tips for supermarkets, health food stores & online sources
  • Recipes & Meal Plan – your ideal eating and various alternatives. Includes Fat Burning Breakfast ideas.
  • Snacks, Bars & Shakes– simple, healthy. Because these are actually healthy, they are not found at your local deli. We show you where to get them!
  • Healthy Kitchen Makeover & Coking Demo
  • Cooking Classes & Personal Chefs
  • Healthy Cleanses & Detox Plans
  • Healthy Eating on the Go - ideas when you’re on the run!
  • Dining Out Guide - All types of International Cuisines are ranked according to suitability for your particular diet and include traps and pitfalls to avoid. 
  • Cook Book - Delicious and Nutritious Gluten/Dairy/Sugar/Soy-free Recipes
  • Hydration – exactly how much water and how often 
  • Cooking Guidelines
  • Therapeutic Programs – gluten/sugar/soy/dairy free; fertility; weight loss & gain; sport-specific 
  • Articles & Handouts – on supplements, dining out, constipation, unhealthy ‘health’ foods, setting & achieving goals, fat loss secrets, etc
  • Newsletter  – weekly online support from NYC leading fitness and fat loss expert

Want Results?

- Lose fat and reach your ideal weight
- Develop a Lean, Sexy Figure
- Increase Energy & Vitality 
- Eliminate cravings
- Regulate appetite
- Eliminate hunger between meals
- Improve digestion
- Good mental focus
- Confidence and Clarity
- Capacity to Handle Stress
- Balance brain and body chemistry
- Eradicate mood swings and balance emotions
- Enhanced sense of well-being
- Enhanced immune health
- Prevent premature aging
- Prevent disease

Contact us to turbo-charge your metabolism and burn fat without diets, drugs or surgery!

Metabolic Makeover

Frustrated because you can’t lose weight?
Concerned that your metabolism is slowing down?
Do you have any of these issues?

- Bloating, Gas, Acid Reflux
- Fatigue & Poor Sleep
- Food Sensitivities
- Impaired Digestion
- Cravings & Addictions
- Irritability & Mood Swings
- Depression & Anxiety
- Hair Thinning or Falling Out
- Frequent Colds
- Cold Hands and Feet

Not Getting Results?

Many women have damaged their metabolisms from years of dieting, eating disorders, drug, alcohol or sugar abuse and extreme exercise.  From teenagers to corporate executives, many women don’t feel well and can’t lose weight even though they are doing the right thing.  Simple lab tests can help you uncover ‘hidden’ causes of weight gain, cravings, addiction, infertility, digestive problems, emotional imbalance, depression, anxiety, fatigue and burn out.    

We offer Therapeutic Nutrition, Detox & Healing Plans and work in conjunction with your physician to help you heal and restore health.

What we look for:

  • Food Allergies/Intolerance
  • Digestive Problems (IBS, Candida/Parasite infections)
  • Hormonal Imbalance (Adrenal, Thyroid, Sex Hormones)
  • Brain Chemistry / Neurotransmitter Imbalance  
  • Metabolic Dysfunction (Liver Function, Oxidative Stress)
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Chemical Sensitivity  
  • Immunology and Blood Chemistry

What you can expect:

  • Permanent Fat Loss
  • Heal your body & mind
  • Restore balance and energy
  • Repair digestion & metabolism
  • Reduce risk of disease
  • Freedom from cravings and addictions
  • Balance brain chemistry and emotions
  • Enhance immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve detoxification systems

Discover the hidden causes for weight gain, fatigue or depression.  Email us now if you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired


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