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Holistic health and nutrition.  Intelligent exercise.  Powerful results. 

Burn Sports offers holistic fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching for women.  We provide a customized approach to eating, exercise and living a healthy and inspired life.  

Results.  Breakthrough to new levels of energy, health, vitality, weight loss and performance - results you desire and deserve.

Individualized.  You are unique.  Each program is custom designed to meet the unique needs & goals of each client.  

Holistic.  Fitness, nutrition & lifestyle coaching helps you reduce Total Body Stress (physical & emotional) and integrate body, mind and spirit.

Quality of Life.  Enhance health, vitality and longevity and create balance in all key areas of life.

Assessing, not Guessing.  How do you know how healthy you are?  We use detailed questionnaires, in-depth physical assessments and in some cases, simple lab tests to identify your unique bio-chemistry.  Uncover ‘hidden’ causes of weight gain, fatigue, cravings & addiction, digestive problems and brain chemistry imbalance.   

Prevention, not Intervention.  Discover toxic elements in your environment, diet and lifestyle that may become problematic if not addressed.  Prevent illness & disease now by creating balance and addressing the root cause of problems - not just treating the symptoms once they appear.   

Women-specific.  Our programs are designed specifically for the unique anatomical, physiological, hormonal and aesthetic goals of women.  We deliver proven solutions for the challenges of puberty, pregnancy, menopause, aging, fat loss and hormonal balance. 

Nutrition & Lifestyle.  You are not only what you eat, but also when you eat and what you digest.  Optimal health and vitality, as well as stress and disease prevention, result from healthy eating habits, lifestyle management and appropriate types of exercise.  Lose fat, reduce total body stress and get expert guidance and support to cultivate a truly healthy & inspiring lifestyle.

Exercise & Movement.  Our individualized workouts take a total-body approach with a focus on movement, not muscles.  We offer 4 types of exercise to accommodate clients with various needs, goals and stress levels.  We integrate the most cutting edge advancements in the past 20 years in human movement science with the ancient movement arts of the East (yoga and martial arts).  Our clients also have access to the world’s largest exercise online video library.

Green Living & Sustainable Eating.  Few elements of life affect our health and the environment as much as what we eat.  Unhealthy, irresponsible living and conventional, industrial agriculture contribute to environmental damage, depleted natural resources and a sick, overweight population.  We support organic and biodynamic farming, the Weston A. Price foundation, CSA and Slow Food movement and provide our clients with resources to obtain seasonal groceries from small, local sustainable farms.   

Health & Healing.  We believe in the body’s innate wisdom to heal and offer a holistic model that treats the whole person – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  We have a unique, in-depth understanding of health and healing that addresses the underlying causes of cravings, addiction & imbalances.  We offer revolutionary methods to restore balance and integrate body, mind and spirit.

Integrated.  Burn Sports integrates modern scientific advancements with ancient eastern methods to facilitate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and attain optimal health, fitness and vitality.  We integrate various modalities and work with a team of world-class experts in Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage, Healing arts and various forms of Energy Medicine. 

Real Experts.  Real Results.  U.S. Dietary Guidelines, the commercial food manufacturing industry, the weight loss industry and mainstream media contribute to poor health, weight gain, obesity, illness and the desperate mindset of dieters in this country.  What makes us unique is what also allows our clients to get extraordinary results:

  • We are committed to teaching truthful, reliable health & nutrition information and deliver it in ways that are practical to use.
  • On-going education, professional relationships with world-class experts and cutting edge nutrition research - not mainstream education or ‘research’ with hidden corporate agendas from the commercial food and pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Unlike the majority of fitness trainers, dieticians and nutrition ‘experts’ in this country - we teach by example.  We are healthy, lean, fit and practice what we preach.
  • Antonio’s 15 years of extensive experience in New York City, producing consistent results for clients with challenging health issues.
  • A unique understanding of human health, movement & behavior, healing, psychology and the factors that determine success in any human endeavor.

Our Nutrition programs are based on the following principles:

Biochemical Individuality – You are unique.  You have unique nutritional needs that can not be met by the ‘one size fits all’ approach promoted by the media and both mainstream and alternative ‘experts’. We customize each nutrition program based on your goals, medical history, Metabolic Type (biological requirement for food) and unique bio-chemistry.   

Integrated – No dogma. No fanaticism.  No ‘one size fits all’ programs.  We integrate the science of individualized nutrition (Metabolic Typing), Traditional Chinese Medicine and the dietary wisdom of the healthiest cultures on the planet who live long, healthy, robust lives and are virtually free from disease and degenerative conditions.

The most important nutrition study ever done – The research of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price is the only study ever done comparing cultures around the globe and established the parameters of optimal health & nutrition.  This landmark study demonstrates the importance of eating according to one’s genetic requirements for optimal health and disease prevention.  

Whole, naturally grown, nutrient-rich organic foods are the best source of optimal nutrition.

There are no miracle drugs, supplements or super foods that will save anyone from irresponsible, unhealthy living.

Dietary supplements and medicinal herbs promote optimal health and can help restore balance when used appropriately.

Success in Health and Permanent Fat Loss comes from a balance between eating, exercise, lifestyle and mindset.

Optimal Health & Well-being comes from a centered, balanced perspective and an inspired, purposeful life.


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