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Pre / Post Natal and Fertility Enhancement 

Do you want optimal health before you start trying to get pregnant?
Do you want the best internal environment for your baby?
Do you want to prevent the fatigue & unnecessary weight gain associated with most pregnancies?

Burn Sports specializes in healthy mamas & babies.  We believe in the profound physical and emotional benefits of specialized fitness, nutrition and wellness for expectant and new mothers.  One of the largest and most successful pre / post natal programs in New York City, Burn Sports understands the challenges of expecting and new mothers.  Our programs combine the most current scientific research and personal attention to address your new body & lifestyle.

Preconception Care

Have you lived unhealthy for years but now want to get pregnant?
Do you want to create the safest and healthiest environment for you and your baby?

A healthy pregnancy results from a healthy body and mind before conception.  We can help you create a healthy and balanced internal environment that is conducive for conception and prevent common difficulties that are typically diagnosed as “infertility.”


Train for pregnancy and delivery.   We teach you about your changing body and help you navigate the best strategies so you can enjoy a successful pregnancy & delivery. 

  • Healthy weight gain
  • Greater health & wellness
  • More energy
  • Less physical discomfort
  • Less complicated delivery
  • Set yourself up for a faster recovery


Redefine your body and heal from the physical rigors of pregnancy and delivery at your own pace.

  • Achieve ideal body weight - safely and permanently
  • Re-build the abdominal wall
  • Cope with stress and lack of sleep
  • Learn to move with your new baby
  • Correct and improve posture
  • Develop eating strategies for you and your children to prevent food allergies

Fertility Enhancement

Did you know that there are more women today that can’t get pregnant than at any other time in history?  Most women who have been told they are ‘infertile’ have easily correctable hormonal imbalances that can be treated with an integrated model of Wellness Coaching, Functional Medicine & Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In order to prevent ‘infertility,’ we first focus on creating a healthy and balanced internal environment that is conducive for conception.  For anyone diagnosed with ‘infertility,’ we can help you discover your metabolic imbalance and take action to restore your health.  We provide support and resources for alternatives to hormonal birth control and fertility drugs.

In order to enhance your reproductive health, strengthen your immune system, restore metabolism and balance body energy systems, we use an integrated approach of Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching. 

Along with the 5000 year old proven science of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Burn Sports also uses some of the most advanced diagnostic testing in the country to determine the underlying, hidden causes of stress and ‘infertility,’ including:

We have a team of world-class experts in functional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and other Eastern healing arts who specialize in women’s health and fertility and provide resources for a healthy pregnancy:

- Acupuncture
- Acupressure
- Energy Medicine
- Fertility Enhancing Nutrition
- Supplements and Herbs
- Restorative Exercise & Chi Gong  
- Pre/Post Natal Chiropractic
- Fertility & Pregnancy Massage
- Stress Management
- Meditation & Total Body Integration
- Education, Resources & Support
Male Fertility Enhancement

Not that much different in identifying the problem and treating the client, we can also help men with male infertility issues.

Contact us to get started on your healthy pregnancy.


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