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BurnSports in the news.
  Queat Magazine: Download pdf of full article
The 2005-2006 Essentials Issue
Antonio named one of the top three personal trainers in New York City.
  Women's Day : Download pdf of full article
Timeless Beauty, Featuring Francesca Meccariello of Burn Sports
"I love working out and I love helping other women find ways to enjoy it as well, especially as it helps build their confidence..."
  New York Times: Download pdf of full article
Test-Driven by Trainers
"You have to communicate your goals and I'll help you achieve them."...Mr. Valladares, whose background is in the martial arts and yoga, was careful and thorough about stretching.
  New York Times: Download pdf of full article
BurnSports featured in the "Look Your Best" section
"A diet of organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a simple way to increase vitality, prevent premature aging and build a beautiful body from the inside out..."
  Sports Illustrated Women: Download pdf of full article
Sisters in Arms
BurnSports Master Trainer Francesca Meccariello models the workouts of six sets of athletic siblings.
  Sports Illustrated Women
Core Values
Forget about weight lifting and aerobics. Today's best workouts are all about your core. "The core is the connection point between your upper and lower body and is the origin of all movement," says Antonio Valladares, founder of Burn Sports..."
  Paper Magazine
1999 Annual Report
Antonio's mountain biking class voted fitness class of the year.
  Time Out NY
Check out
...an aggressive workout program specifically for women, which draws from such disparate sources as yoga and cheerleading.
This functional movement class integrates flexibility, balance, strength and cardio in a circuit-training workout. BURN uses full body functional and athletic movements alongs with lower body exercises to enhance core strength, coordination, alignment and body awareness. Training how to "move" is the focus of the BURN class.
  Woman's Day: Download pdf of full article
Core Values
Today's best workouts are all about your core.
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