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Antonio Valladares Antonio Valladares NASM-CPT, LMT

Antonio Valladares is the creator of BurnSports™, a New York City-based personal training and consulting company that specializes in holistic health, training and conditioning for women.  Antonio and his elite team of BurnSports professionals provide programs that integrate exercise, nutrition and stress management for total health and wellbeing.

Since 1993, Antonio has worked in New York and Los Angeles as a certified personal trainer, athletic coach and licensed massage therapist.  He is a post-rehabilitation and corrective exercise specialist who has created a unique method of functional exercise that integrates nutrition, functional training and athletic conditioning with yoga, martial arts and other mind-body techniques.  His method, Total Body Integration©, is based on his 12+ years of professional education, his experience working with a wide variety of clients and a lifetime of experience pursuing health and action sports.

Unlike most sports and fitness programs which are based on impractical and outdated models of bodybuilding or ineffective sculpting exercises performed on the floor, Total Body Integration©, focuses on the whole body, using movements that emphasize the core and strengthen the entire person from the inside out.  This method safely and effectively addresses the needs of high performance athletes, pregnant/post-partum women and everyone in between without the use of machines.

Antonio currently spends his time focusing on women of all ages, multi-sport athletes from as young as 8 years through 50+ Masters athletes, people with structural/orthopedic problems and a variety of highly accomplished and therefore highly stressed New Yorkers seeking health, fitnessand balance.

Antonio also consults with physicians at several sports medicine clinics, including the New York Institute for Brain and Spinal Surgery, working with patients who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders, diseases of the nervous system, cancer and heart disease.

Throughout his career, Antonio has pursued education from world leaders in holistic health and nutrition, exercise, athletic conditioning and rehabilitation.  Since the beginning of his career, he has been a certified fitness professional and exercise specialist: National Academy of Sports Medicine (2003), APEX (1999), American College of Sports Medicine (1996), American Academy of Health and Fitness Professionals (1996), American Council on Exercise (1994).  Throughout the mid 1990’s to present day, Antonio has been pursuing advanced education from the Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology Institute and will keep you updated as he evolves in his development of his professional health, fitness and coaching career. 

After attending high school in Israel and the Riverside Military Academy, Antonio attended Ohio State University where he studied exercise science and physical therapy.  He left Ohio State to pursue a non-conventional approach to education and study Eastern cultures and philosophies. Antonio has practiced the martial arts since a child and has traveled to India several times to learn bhakti and hatha yoga from true masters.

Antonio is an experienced adventure athlete and travels the world to surf, snowboard, scuba dive and mountain bike.  He has been featured in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated Women, Time Out New York, Woman’s Day,Conde Naste Women's Sports and Fitness, Paper and Mountain Bike Magazine. 

Antonio is available for consultation, workshops and individual or team training.


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