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Wellness Coaching

Frustrated, feeling overworked and have no time for yourself?
Exhausted, overwhelmed, underslept, overweight, over-exercised and addicted to caffeine and sugar?  

Although this ‘lifestyle’ may be popular in corporate America, it is neither sustainable nor conducive for a rewarding life.  It is possible to have an inspiring career and a healthy lifestyle that simultaneously prevents stress, illness and disease. 

Wellness Coaching involves mind-body & restorative exercise, nutrition & lifestyle coaching to help you reduce stress, increase energy, create work-life balance and find greater fulfillment in your current career.

Do you love what you do? 

If your current career choice is more draining than energizing – we can help you transition to a new career that is aligned with your core values and allows you to express your unique talents.

We offer revolutionary techniques and innovative exercises to help you find the balance in all key areas of life - personal, physical, relational, vocational, financial, social & spiritual. 

  • Integrate body, mind and spirit
  • Enhance health & vitality
  • Restore natural bio-rhythms
  • Experience inner-peace & certainty
  • Develop presence and clarity    
  • Improve communication skills
  • Recharge your energy, renew your body, mind and everyday life
  • Wake up refreshed and inspired  
  • Deconstruct the many misconceptions surrounding ‘wellness’, ‘spiritual’ and develop your own spiritual practice and wellness lifestyle
  • Add life to years and years to life

“A state in which a human being functions at an optimal level of integration between the elements of body, mind and spirit. The well individual is one who is happy, healthy and whole and who perceives his/her live as one with meaning and purpose.”
- Definition of Wellness by Dr Richard Gerber, MD

Explore your own path of health, healing and create work-life balance by emailing us NOW.


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